Draw And Go Lick…Tried And Tested

So it’s been been a minute since I’ve posted hasn’t it lol.

A few weeks ago, I posted my own cards of foreplay game titled, “Draw And Go And Go Lick” (you get it? lol). At the time, I had not played the game myself so I was eager to see if my creation lived up to the hype.

I’ve played it a few times now and I can confirm….IT’S LIT! So I wanted to share some of my highlights …..

To be very honest, I was quite nervous about playing my game for the first time. The guy I chose for this honour is someone I’ve been intimate with before (let’s call him Baby Boy) but I was debuting my very first game…a girl was under pressure. He’s always down for anything, that’s why I like hooking up with him so much. He’s the type of guy to text me something like ‘can’t wait to feel your pussy squeeze around my dick and tongue again’. Messages like that get me so wet…I love that shit. Anyway, after explaining the rules to him, getting out the handcuffs/blindfold and shuffling the cards, we began playing.

As we went through the game, it got increasingly hard for me. ‘Play with your partner’s nipples for 20 seconds‘. For some reason, he kept on picking up this card and it was killingggg me. He took my nipples in his mouth and slowly massaged them with his tongue and lips. I had to bite down on my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning out. Playing with my nipples is the gateway to making me come and he was well on his way to making that happen. Every time he had to masturbate in front of me, he looked me straight in my eyes as he stroked his piece. All I wanted to do was put it deep in my throat and gag on it. I kept staring at his dick while thoughts of my saliva running down his shaft and balls consumed my head…..


I had played the game a couple of times so one could say I was a veteran. Aside from the time I tapped out after 7 cards, I had completed the game fully (no, we are not going to get into my failure lol).

I asked ‘Daddy’ to come over and play with me. I wanted to play with this guy in particular because I know he’s competitive…..and he has a big ass dick so that helps. I worked out that best way to play is with someone who is actively trying to get you to tap out. Game on.

We were about 1/2 way through the game when he decided to make it his sole aim to get me to concede. He took it upon himself to add another dynamic and raise the stakes. ‘If I make you come, you automatically lose’. Daddy knows my body well so I knew remaining strong and not succumbing would be difficult. Tie your partner’s hands and do what you want to them for 1 minute‘. When he drew this card, I knew I was in trouble. He tied my hands above my head and slide his hard dick inside me. I’m a pretty strong-willed woman but I was battling with myself not to lose control. My pussy creamed all over him with every stroke he gave me. I got closer to coming every time his dick repeatedly hit the top of my vagina and he whispered in my ear, ‘I’m going to make you lose this game’. The timer went off and I don’t think I’ve been happier to hear an alarm. A few seconds more and I would have squirted all over him. Even though I didn’t come, he knew I was close.

A few cards later, Daddy got another opportunity to take control. He slid his fingers inside me and began massaging my walls whilst simultaneously using his thumb to massage my pierced clit. My breathing became shorter and I started squeezing my pussy around his fingers (which didn’t help but it was a reflex). A wave of energy swirled through my body with each hand movement. The strokes were slow and purposeful….he knew exactly what he was doing. I really didn’t want him to win but as I said before, this guy knows my body well. With 2 seconds to go, I came and squirted all over his hand.

FUCK he got me.

Update: You can now purchase ‘Draw And Go Lick’! Click below! https://hideandgolick.com/drawandgolickgame/

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