The Stranger (Part 1)

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending my first ‘play party’. I was so nervous as I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would people be walking around naked? Fucking in the corridors? ORGIES?! Lol

Let’s just say my expectations were surpassed and I enjoyed myself. Since then I’ve been to similar events and my anxiety around them has depleted….Now the last party I attended was very interesting….

The week of the event my period decided to ruin my life again earlier than expected. Despite this setback, I decided to go since these events are great for meeting new people (hoes).

…The party quickly came and by midnight I was as high as a kite. Despite my altered cognition, I made sure I looked edible. Even though I was not able to ‘play’, I was certainly going to look and feel great. I stood in the corridor wearing a sheer pink dress showing off my swollen double Ds (period boobs so you know they were plump). The dress hugged against my thick body while the colour popped against my caramel skin. I had put my hair into a high, sleek ponytail so all the attention was directed to my face and chest.

Voice: Are you okay? You’re standing by yourself?

The deep voice echoed into my ear. I looked up from my phone to see a handsome, dark skinned man with his toned chest and abs exposed.

Me: Oh I’m fine, just on my phone. My girls are in the living room

Him: Okay just wanted to check since you looked lonely…You look good by the way

Me: I know…

We stared at each other for a few seconds and then erupted into laughter. This guy got my sense of humour…attractive.

After a few more minutes of talking to the unknown man, I made my way back to my friends. I figured I’d talk to him later.

As expected the stranger appeared again later that night. The event’s host made her way over to me with him in tow.

Host: Babe, I think you two should get to know each other a bit better. If you’re comfortable with it, the private room is open now.

I looked at him and playfully rolled my eyes. He had a smirk on his face which was part annoying and part sexy. In my brief encounter with him, I quickly realised he was a confident and cocky muthafucker…..which turned me the hell on. This has led to my downfall on many occasions but confident men (who can back his chat) always get me going. This stranger had not proven anything to me yet but I was extremely curious.

Him: Do you want to come with me?

Me: I guess I could tolerate your company for a bit

When we first entered the room it was a little awkward. This half naked man was actually a complete stranger and I didn’t even know his name…what has my life become LOL.

Me: Sooooo….you wanted to be alone with me but you have nothing to say?

He walked over and lightly pushed me onto the bed. He brought his lips down to mine and we engaged in a sensual kiss. His lips travelled from my lips, to my neck, my collarbone and down my chest. With his hands, he cupped and squeezed my breasts. His hardened tongue traced and flicked my nipples as my head flung back in pleasure. I couldn’t help but think, ‘how would his tongue feel against my clit? Surely it would feel at least ten times better than this’. As my mind wandered, he switched from licking to sucking.

Me: Ahhhh fuck, suck on them harder

I have a thing about getting my nipples sucked aggressively hard when I’m high. Any pain or discomfort is quickly transformed into pleasure. I literally have no pain threshold.

He obeyed my command and I wanted to erupt. My high state coupled with him turning me on…I lost all composure.

I reached down to caress his obvious bulge. Mr stranger was PACKING! Anyone who knows me knows I loveeeeee a big, black, thick, long penis. My excitement grew to the point where I had to take him in my mouth. I took his dick out of his boxers and used my hand to stroke it slowly but firmly. For added pleasure, I started massaging the tip of his penis with my wet mouth. The salvia trickled down his shaft which added lubrication to the hand job I was giving him.

Everything was going great until he reached his hand out towards my pussy. I quickly smacked it away and he looked down at me.

Him: What? I can’t play with your pussy?

I tried to say I was on my period but I was so high, the words seemed to get muddled in my head. Before I could let out my reason, someone burst into the room shouting, ‘get on this fucking bed so I can eat your pussy!’ A man and woman came in and he started devouring her vagina right behind me. I kid you not, it felt like a troop of people entered the room after that. When others are around, My sexual performance is capped at 40%.

I got up and left…

…The next day, I woke up and everything that happened the night before came flooding back. I could not believe I left the room and did not say anything to Mr Stranger. A feeling of regret swarmed my mind. Not because of what we did (or did not get to do) but the fact he must have thought he did something wrong. My next emotion was rage because I COULD NOT HAVE SEX………………His dick was big…I had to find him!

Now it’s kind of hard finding a stranger when you don’t know their name. I emailed the event organisers…nothing. I asked my friend if she had his details but again…nothing.

I don’t know why I felt compelled to find this man. Even if it was just to explain the situation, I wanted to speak to him. After a few days I gave up and left it to the sex gods. If I was meant to see him again, I would.

Weeks had passed and I’d forgotten about my quest to track down the big dick stranger. I’d lost hope untilllllllllll….

Friend: Here’s his number hoe, Merry Christmas!

The sex gods heard and took pity on me.

I almost talked myself out of calling him. What if he didn’t remember me (0.00001% chance of that happening let’s be real)? What if he didn’t want to hear what I had to say? …

Him: Hey, who is this?

Me: You might not remember but I met you at the play party last month…and I hit your hand away….

Him: LOL oh wow of course I remember you…how did you even get my number?

Me: Well I have my ways

We small talked for a few minutes and finally exchanged our real names. I then explained my behaviour at the party.

Him: I’m glad you got in contact, I thought I did something wrong

Me: I wanted to make sure you knew you didn’t… we have unfinished business…

Him: Yes we do….so are you ready to take this big dick?…

Part 2 out on 10/7/21!!

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