My Black Knight

Talk about feeling uninspired! Over the last few months, my sex life took a turn for the worse. I would have really good sex but a rush of emptiness quickly consumed me when it was all said and done. 

I thought long and hard about why I was feeling this way. Sex had become….dare I say it…boring. To be clear, boring doesn’t mean bad but it’s not great either. Very ‘meh’.

Well the sex god’s heard my cries…Enter Mr Black Knight (his nickname because he’s tall, dark, handsome and a complete gentleman – for now anyway lol). I really enjoyed his vibe (as well as his face). I knew he wanted a piece of me by the way he glanced at me. I found it very very sexy.

Over the next few weeks, my curiosity about what he potentially had to offer intrigued me. Well you know what they say, curiosity killed the kitty cat……


I placed my trusted wand on my clit and the vibrations began making my pussy cream. He slowly lifted my right leg in the air and started sucking my toes….GOOD GOD! Straight out of the gate this man wanted to kill me with pleasure. The sensation of what he was doing matched with the buzzing on my clit, slowly pushed me over the edge. This was only the beginning.

‘I’ve been waiting to fuck you for so long’

Dark Knight placed himself between my legs and slid his rock hard piece inside me… my eyes rolled so far back in my head, I think I saw my brain. His strokes felt so deep and hard. I involuntarily squeezed my warm walls around his dick so he could feel what he was doing to me.

‘Fuck….I could stay in this pussy all day’

That is all I need to hear to make me explode. I wrapped my legs around him and arched my back in ecstasy….I needed to feel him even deeper.

He turned me over and told me to put my wand back on my clit. I was face down, ass up anticipating his next move. He traced his dick from my clit, down past my pussy, to my asshole and then back up to the opening of my pussy. 


The sudden deep thrust made me jolt forward and yell. You see, Mr Dark Knight is packing some heavy artillery if you know what I mean. Up until that point, I had done pretty good taking him but I was not expecting that. Damn.

‘Where are you running to huh? I thought you were a size queen?…




Now I am far from a punk, so I took on his challenge with pride. The wand helped distract me from the discomfort of his size and triggered more of my juices to drip and run down my thigh. I was in a trance. About 30 seconds later I was screaming my house down, enamoured by this big ass dick. Orgasm number 2.


The next morning, my lower body felt like it had been in battle. My pussy lips were so swollen and throbbed from the previous night’s activities. Fuck, I love that shit.

As Dark Knight snuggled behind me, our naked bodies slowly started grinding against each other…I knew where this was leading to. I didn’t think my body could take another trip to pound town in all honesty. I think he sensed this and before I knew it, his face returned right between my legs. Like the true gentleman he is, Dark Knight massaged my pussy, slowly with his tongue. His warm, wet licks and  sucks soothed me. Very quickly, I felt myself getting turned on all over again

He came back up to my ear and whispered, ‘I want to slide back inside you baby’. His words sent a chill down my body down to my middle. Although I was still sore, my body was now ready for another round. 

I laid on my side and pulled my ass cheeks apart as he massaged the tip of his dick against my hole. My desire to have him back inside me outweighed any pain I had.

He slowly pushed himself inside me as I gasped in pleasure…

‘Your pussy feels even wetter and tighter’

Ahh…his dick is perfect.

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