Mr Vanilla

I know I’ve neglected you guys but here I am…….

You know when you just click with someone? Not even in a sexual way but you meet someone and you naturally act like old friends………

You’re probably wondering why I’ve named him ‘Mr Vanilla’. After talking about what we liked sexually, I quickly gauged he was one of those men who have a high(ish) sex drive but are ‘safe’. They haven’t necessarily experienced anything outside conventional/socially normal sex. They might not be the best dirty talker, not into unique kinks or use equipment, however what they do in the bedroom, they do well. Very well. Their licks, kisses feel like honey and the stroke game makes you cream and scream out tenfold. I refer to this as premium vanilla. It’s might be standard but it’s to a great standard. Just don’t expect them to deviate too far left.

As suspected, I was right (my sex radar is amazing now hehe). Mr Vanilla was that Madagascan type Vanilla. Not that Tesco value type shite.

Our first date was pretty fun. I felt comfortable fairly quickly. We are both quite competitive so the fact he picked an activity date for us gave him bonus points for sure. We settled into our unique dynamic that night – he’d purposely get on my nerves and I’d pretend I didn’t like it. Lol.

As we got to know each other better over drinks I might of smirked and asked ‘so…how big are you?’. Mr Vanilla grabbed my hands and placed them out, parallel in front me. He adjusted them to mimic what he perceived to be his dick size. Mmmhmm I soon found out he wasn’t lying (You guys know I’m a size queen so that shit turned me the hell on!).

‘Oh shit your dick is so thick’. Fast forward to us at his place where things started getting steamy. We had been exchanging tongues down the others throat and somehow my right hand curiously wandered to his now erect dick. He sniggered at my comment in a ‘Yh I told you’ tone which somewhat annoyed me. Some guys think just because their penis’ is above the average size, that’s all they needed to be good in bed. Perhaps Mr Vanilla was another arrogant man I had to now take down a peg or two. Well mission accepted.

There I was in his living room slowly stroking my new friend. I tried to be a ‘good girl’ but why delay the inevitable? We are both grown and you could cut our tension with a sword at that point. I moved from making out with his lips, to introducing myself orally to his dick. Nothing too fast but a slow and steady suck just to tease him into what was to come. He muttered ‘Ahhh shit’ under his breath and it was my turn to snigger. I guess I’m a hypocrite because I too thought, ‘I told you so’.

I got up to straddled him and immediately began grinding my bare pussy on his exposed dick. So slippery already (FYI I rarely wear panties, I hate them). He rapidity started trying to unbutton my dress in the aim to get to my breasts. I watched him aimlessly try to reach behind my back to unhook my bra. On this rare occasion I actually wore a bra, it was the kind which unhooked from the front. While I helped to unclip it from it’s hooks, he aggressively grabbed my right titty with his hands and proceeded to suck for dear life. It was at that point I knew I was in trouble. That shit felt amazing. He’d told my earlier sucking breasts was something he loved doing. Boy did I love that he loved doing it. Every lick and suck sent electric shock down to my vagina which I know he could feel. I needed to sit on it…

….‘You can get this pussy anytime you want’

‘Ahh your pussy is mine’

I was so shameless because who the hell says that out loud! In that moment you could tell me the sky was pink and I’d believe you. You could tell me Boris Johnson was an attractive man and I’d concur. I was goneeeee. Usually I get sore or feel uncomfortable after taking a bigger dick but nope not this time. He fit perfectly. I could literally ride him for hours (something I usually hate doing).

So when he exclaimed he was about to cum, I wanted (shit needed) that whole load all over my face and dripping out of my mouth.

‘Cum on my face baby’

He pulled out and did just that. I made sure to suck any remaining cum out until his dick went limp. We both laid there and laughed. Exhausted.

I couldn’t help but say ‘oooh, I’m going to have fun with you’. Which I admit, I did, many times after that day.

…Sometimes things don’t work out, which is a shame because I think we could have been great friends if he didn’t get on my damn nerves so much.

My biggest regret of the whole situation was I never got to ‘turn him out’ the way I know I can. The way I know he knows I can. I felt I was slowly breaking him into my world of sex. I never got to tie him up, tease him until he begged me to stop or took him out of his comfort zone. I even wanted to share him with another beautiful woman…just to see how he would handle himself. How sexy would it have been to see another woman experience how deep and hard he liked to bang into you when he was about to climax? Or how hypnotising it feels when he grabs you by throat and stares straight in your eyes. All while using his fingers to massage your dripping clit.

Ah well! Guess we’ll never know Xx

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