The Captain

There are very few men in this world who can tell me what to do. A lot of guys try to pass off this macho/dominant persona as genuine but you can usually see it’s all bravado. Not the Captain. Nothing puts me off more than a man who clearly isn’t being himself. On the flip side of that, nothing turns me on more than a guy whose aura, body language and calm presence exudes dominance.


Him: You have really beautiful eyes

Me: Excuse me? 

I was in Asda shopping for a few bits and bobs (chocolate and sweets, don’t judge) when I felt someone getting closer to me. I hadn’t looked up from the aisle yet but his deep voice bellowed in my ears.

Him: Your eyes. Sorry I didn’t mean to be forward but I needed you to know that

I looked up and saw a beautiful chocolate man. Tall, well presented and his body was right. His T-shirt hugged his muscles so correctly, I didn’t realise I was staring. Going from wanting to roll my eyes in annoyance to wanting to have him roll my eyes back. Life comes at you fast.

Him: There goes your beautiful eyes again. Hey, my name is _______

He put his hand out for a handshake and didn’t break eye contact with me. MANNERS! HE HAD MANNERS!

Me: Hi I’m _______ , sorry you just caught me off guard 

I reached my hand to meet his…his hands were soft but the handshake was firm. His eyes pierced my soul and I immediately got butterflies.

Him: Nah I understand, I didn’t even introduce myself or nothing. Listen, I’m in a rush but do you mind if I take your number? I’d like to see you again but properly

I don’t think I’d ever typed my number fast enough. We embraced in a quick hug and just like that he was gone. What if he never calls me? What if he plans to use my details for money rituals?! I’d just given my number to a complete stranger in ASDA of all places. All I knew is I wished he would have fucked me right in the confectionery section.

He called me later that same day. Fast forward a few weeks and we were thick as thieves. Although I didn’t see a serious future with him, he was a lot of fun. We talked everyday and went out on a few dates. I love men who know what they want and make sure they get it. The men I usually meet, want me to do all the planning or initiate dates etc. That’s the quickest way for me to lose interest. You have to be a natural leader or it won’t work with me.

The sexual tension was mounting but we hadn’t had sex yet. I knew he wanted me but he held back for some reason until…

Him: What are you doing love? 

Me: Nothing, I’m just watching some TV

Him: As per usual. You want some company?

I sat up in glee but tried to play it cool. We were on the phone but I didn’t want him to sense my excitement. Not because I thought this meant we might have sex but I actually enjoyed his company. Him wanting to spend time with me too was sweet.

Me: Yh I wouldn’t mind that 

Him: Kl, I’ll be there in about 2 hours love. Oh FYI, make sure you answer the door naked 

He ended the call and my mouth was left wide open. Sexy time was coming!!! 

I wasn’t sure if he was actually being serious. We had kissed a few times and discussed our sexual sides but I was not sure what to expect. It didn’t help that he was purposely ignoring my messages after he hung up. He knew what he was doing.

I opted for a mesh, almost see-through babydoll dress. My breasts look fantastic in them and my legs were on show. I don’t wear makeup when I’m home but I put on some lashes and lip gloss to bring out those features he loved so much. The 2 hours allowed me time to add some curls in my hair so I felt extra sexy.

The time had come and he messaged me to let me know he was outside. I was so nervous! What if he didn’t like my outfit or hair? What if he had only been joking about being naked?! I guess I was going to find out…and find out I did.

I took a deep breath before I opened the door and said a rapid prayer.

Me: Heyyyyyyy

He came in and greeted me with a peck on the lips. I was just about to offer him a drink when he cut me off

Him: You didn’t listen to me

Me: Huh? 

Him: I told you I wanted you naked when you answered the door. You don’t listen to instructions 

He walked towards me and towered over my 5’8 frame (this dude was a good 6’3). He slid his left hand up my neck until he reached my throat. This man started choking me until my eyes involuntarily rolled back in awe.

Him: I’ve noticed you don’t like listening to me. Today you’re going to learn to take my instructions

With his left arm still on my neck, his right reached to my inner thigh. At this point my pussy was dripping wet. He used his foot to gently kick my legs apart while his right hand continued up my thigh to my middle. He did all of this while keeping eye contact with me.

Him: *whispers* Wow you’re wet already 

I closed my eyes and moaned as his lips softly touched mine. Out of nowhere, I felt two fingers slide into my pussy and a thumb on my pierced clit’s hood. What started out as slow shallow finger strokes, turned into deep thrusts. I started screaming in pleasure. This man had been in my home all of 5 minutes and had already made me cum twice in my corridor.

At this point I figured out he wanted to kill me. I was at peace with that.

Him: Open your eyes baby

The pleasure had taken over me, I didn’t even notice he had stopped choking me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see his girthy long member had risen to the occasion. He licked my juices off his fingers and deeply kissed me.

Him: Get on your knees

You already know I did what I was told. I had my back to the wall as he stood in front of me. He teased by tracing his dick on my lips. I teased back by sticking out my tongue to softly suck on tip.

Him: Mmm you want to play games Yh? Open your mouth properly

Again I did as I was told. He guided his dick in and out of my wet mouth whilst grabbing onto a chunk of my hair. So much for the curls!

His thrusts got deeper and faster as my mouth got wetter. Saliva dribbled down my mouth onto my hardwood floors. I tightened my lips and sucked in my cheeks to increase my grip around his erection. My tongue massaged it with every thrust. I could tell he was loving it because he pushed his dick right to the back where my tonsils reside. My mouth opened up wider so I could deep throat him properly. He was so big I couldn’t even get to the balls. I was trying my best not to pass out…yet anyway. His legs started wobbling and curses got louder. I had him.

After a few more minutes, he pulled me up by my hair and tongue kissed me. Up until then he had been in control and didn’t want me to see him crumble. However one thing I know how to do is suck a mean dick.

Him: Take off your dress and sit on the stairs

Guess what I did? Did what I was told like the good girl I am.

As I pondered his next move, he lifted both my legs up and began softly kissing my thighs. The soft kisses turned into light bites as he marked his territory. He kissed up my legs to my feet and the next thing I knew, my toes were in his mouth. It felt like I was getting a massage…I was in disbelief at how great this all felt.

As he kissed back up to my thighs, I knew what was coming.

I soon felt his tongue flicker at my piercing slowly. My head automatically tilted back. The flickers became lick and the licks became sucks. His fingers massaged my hole as his mouth continued pleasing me. It all felt amazing and frustrating at the same time. I couldn’t handle what he was doing to me. My legs remained in the air, resting on the rails for support. Every time I tried closing them he would push them back apart. I tried grinding back onto his face but he sucked on my clit harder. I’m sure the neighbours on either side could hear my high pitched moans.

He finally stopped what he was doing, looked up and sniggered at me. 

Him: Hold on to me babe 

As I wrapped my arms around his neck, to my surprise this man managed to lift me up by my thighs and proceeded to walk up the stairs. I’m not a small girl at all but he was able to lift me with such ease. I gasped.

Him: Now…which room do you want to get fucked in first?

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