Under The Influence

I thought I understood what the term ‘snatching souls’ meant but wow… I’ve been wrong until very recently.

I’ve eaten weed edibles in the past and learned very quickly the biggest side effect for me is an insane increase in libido. I’m usually horny 24/7 so taking an extra stimulus is usually a recipe for madness. The last time I consumed edibles, I ended up having 7 orgasms back to back. No lies. The only downside was they were all by myself. A conscious effort was made to have my next dose with male company.

The lucky man in question was….erm…well I don’t actually know how to describe him. A friend with benefits maybe? I don’t even have a nickname for him yet. Anyway, he turned out to be the perfect person to experiment with. We had 1 weed cookie each and waited for it to take effect.

Within 45 mins or so, moving currents of electricity began flowing through my body… My pussy being the control system. You could graze my skin and it would tug on my middle. To make matters better, my lush 2 vibrator was conveniently already inside my vagina. As I turned it on, the vibrations from the toy and my high worked together to make me cream uncontrollably. At that moment, I didn’t think I could feel more pleasure. That was until I felt his tongue slowly massage my clit. Every mouth movement felt like a dose of extasy to my brain. I could have passed out then and there.

Now I’m not the type of woman to have all the fun. I wanted him to feel what I was feeling. For the life of me I do not remember how we ended up in a new position. Lol that seemed to be the theme of the whole experience. I’d be in a trance, snap out of it and we would be in a new position/location. I opened my eyes and found myself on my knees taking him in my mouth. All of him. No gag reflex so the accumulation of my saliva trickled down from his shaft down to his balls.

As I sucked and licked up and down his dick, I remember asking him if it felt any different. ‘Ahh yh, I can feel everything’. Thats all I needed to hear. He had not felt anything yet. It was time for him to feel how wet and tight I was. He entered me from behind and I did everything in my power not to moan as loud as I wanted to. Call me silly but I didn’t want him to know what he was doing to me just yet. Funnily enough, I could sense he was having his own battle behind me. The veins in his dick pulsated as he slammed in and out of me. I could feel everything. Matching his energy, I tightened my walls around his rock hard dick, pushing back against him. Not before long, he released his warm load deep inside me. Round 1.

I am extremely sensitive to sounds so being high put my ear drums into overdrive. Every sound vibration felt like heat waves against my skin. Even the slightest sound was felt throughout my whole body. As we sat side by side on the sofa (slumped lol), I could hear him breathe. Even that turned me on. I turned to look at him and assumed he was also having a similar reaction. He started speaking and unknowingly began talking me through the first of many orgasms I had that night. The sound waves from his voice travelled directly to my clit and rubbed against it as if he was using his fingers.

He wasn’t inside me but fuck, it sure felt like he was. With every word, I circled my hips and tightened my pussy. With every movement, he physically reacted as if I was actually riding him. For the rest of the night I turned into a tap. I did not think it was humanely possible to orgasm and squirt as much I did. There was no control over my body. With every word he spoke, every thrust he gave me, my body reacted.

Even after back to back rounds, I can’t really explain exactly how any of this happened. The closest thing to compare it to…Hmm maybe Striking Vipers, Black Mirror lol. A true out of body experience. Dangerous.

I mean could go on and on…

Damn… I am in big trouble

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