The Gladiator


Him: ‘Excuse me’

I initially didn’t even bother looking up. I was engrossed in the funny conversation I was having with my friend who I hadn’t seen in ages. People had also been trying to pass the tiny space by our table to get to the door since we sat down to eat.

Him: ‘Excuse me, I just want to say I think you look beautiful’

My head slowly rose to see who was talking. There stood an above average height, muscle built, chocolate man smiling at me. I quickly shot a look to my friend who was now looking at him, since he had interrupted our conversation.

Him: ‘Sorry, I’ve been looking at you since you came in and wanted to come over and tell you I think you’re beautiful’

About 20 minutes prior, I’d arrived at the restaurant/bar to meet a friend for dinner. As the hostess walked me to our table, I noticed a booth filled with a group of blurred black men (I wasn’t wearing my glasses). I couldn’t see them properly but could tell they were in their mid 20s by how they were dressed. As I sat down facing them, I could feel their eyes on me. Not to brag but it’s nothing I’m not used to when I dress up for a night out. Plus, I had on a top showing off enough cleavage to make anyone stop in their tracks. I assumed this mystery man was from the same group I noticed when I first walked in.

Me: ‘…erm My name is _____ and this is my friend _____’

Him: ‘Hi nice to meet you, I’m _____ and yeah I wanted to make sure I came over to talk to you’

Me: ‘First of all, how old are you?’

He was very attractive and seemed well mannered but dude looked a tad younger than me. I have no issue with dabbling with younger men… heck I’ve done it before. I just wanted to have all the information before I decided whether or not to continue with this conversation.

Him: ‘How old are you?’

Me: ‘Hey! I asked you first’

Him: ‘I’m 26’

The fuck?! Lol I knew he was younger than me but I didn’t think he was that much younger than me. At my age, anything younger than 28 is young, even though I’m not much older. However, he didn’t look his age.

Me: ‘Really?! He doesn’t look 26 does he? ‘

My friend: ‘No, you actually don’t to be fair ‘

Him: ‘How old are you?’

Me: ‘We’re both 32’

Him: ’32?! You don’t look your age either’

We were all surprised. If he had led with his age, I probably wouldn’t have given him the time of day but I dunno, something felt a bit different about this one. From the way he introduced himself, his smile, his muscles… I was somewhat intrigued. He had on a T-shirt that showed off the definition in his arms. I usually preferred slim/skinny guys but was impressed by his physique.

Him: ‘Would it be possible to get your number so I can message you sometime?’

What could it hurt? So far my experiences with younger men had been positive. They are usually eager to please, energetic and most importantly… had stamina. Summer had just started and I needed something new to do. Well, someone new to do if you know what I mean.

I put my hand out and he passed me his iPhone. I stored my details in the phone and we said our goodbyes. And that was the last time we spoke that night. My friend and I returned to our conversation and he returned to his boys.


Him: ‘I want to see you’

Me: ‘When?’

Him: ‘When are you free this week?’

A few days had passed and we were talking on WhatsApp. He had messaged me the following day while I was driving to see a theatre play. I actually didn’t expect him to message me in all honesty. Men usually ask a number of women for their number on a night out, just to say they could. As the days passed and our conversation continued, he was still being polite and inquisitive about me, which I found sweet.

I gave him my availability and he said he would get back to me with the details. One thing I like is a man who leads the initial conversation and is quick to plan a proper date. Some men love to stay pen pals for weeks before meeting up or try to get you to come over to their place with little or no effort.

Him: ‘Are you free, can I give you a call?’

Me: ‘Yeah sure…’

I don’t know why but our phone conversation made me feel like a giddy teenager all over again. I hadn’t heard his voice in a few days so hearing it again, reminded me of my initial attraction to him. His voice was deep and soothing to my ears. His words excited me as he talked about his work and upcoming holiday. With passion and excitement, he spoke about working in a school and the plans for his career. It resonated with me, as I used to work with children. Over the last few years, I’d had the displeasure of dating business and finance guys who were often arrogant and pretentious. It was a nice change to hear this man speak with substance and not just saying things to try and impress me. He was just being himself. I was able to relax and feel comfortable about seeing him again. I was 50% sure I was going to let him fuck me soon enough.


Fast forward to the end of our first date with him walking me to my car. The date itself was really nice. He’d taken me to a cute shisha spot in his area, a place where I’m sure he’d taken more than a few of his previous dates lol. What I thought would be a few hours, turned out to be a lot longer. We drank, talked about our lives, smoked (shisha) and even played a few rounds of blackjack (which I obviously won). For some reason, he’d brought a pack of cards to our date. The randomness of it made our time together more enjoyable because I always love the opportunity to show my competitive and playful side.

Him: ‘Wait let me move to the other side of you’

He was initially on my left hand side but moved over to the side closer to the road.

Me: ‘Why did you move?’

Him: ‘Want to make sure I’m by the cars’

After a few seconds of confusion, it then registered why he did that. He was doing the gentlemanly thing of protecting me as we walk down the high street. I thought it was really sweet and made the probability of letting him fuck me rise to 85%. The date itself had risen the probability to about 80% but this small gesture tipped it closer to the magic 100%.

As we approached the drivers side, I asked him to come inside the car. I preferred to have a bit more privacy since we spent the night around other people. I needed to see if there was a physical chemistry between us. Our first kiss would determine whether or not we left the date at 100% or it went down to 0. I always say, if the first kiss turns out to be horrible, my legs firmly stay closed. I would make an excuse not to see him ever again. I’m that strict.

We got in and after approximately 30 seconds of chit chat, he pulled my chin towards him and leaned in for a kiss. From the second our mouths touched, our physical chemistry was cemented. Our tongues and lips rhythmically massaged each other and our hands hesitantly began to roam the other’s body. I slowly caressed my hand over his T-shirt and trickled my way down to his crotch area. He was already hard. I smirked to myself. I know that’s right!

Me: ‘Wait, lets go to the back seat’

Him: ‘I don’t have any condoms’

A stern but playful look flashed over my face and I jokingly rolled my eyes.

Me: ‘Kmt please we’re not having sex but it’s more comfortable in the back’

Did this man think I was going to let the first time we had sex be in the back of my Nissan?! Anyway, we hopped out and entered my backseat. My car is small and compact but enough space was created for what I had planned.

We quickly got back to passionately smooching and touching. If you didn’t clock already by reading this, I was at 110% certain I was going to let him fuck me at some point.. but not today. However, no sex doesn’t mean we couldn’t have ‘fun’. The buttons of my blue mini dress slowly came undone and about 10 seconds later, my erect nipples were lodged in his mouth, being licked and sucked on… hard…just how I liked it.


Him: ‘Turn around… Let me eat your ass’

Ass eating on the first date? He didn’t have to tell me twice! I turned over and he lifted my dress up to have a full view of my goodies. In the last 7 years, I’ve rarely worn panties so it was readily on display to be devoured. His hardened tongue poked out to lick and suck on my asshole while cupping my left bum cheek with one hand. A few fingers of his other hand slowly slid into my pussy and rubbed on my clit hood piercing. My slutty side was officially activated. I love a man who can multitask.

I wanted to scream but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how turned on I was just yet. Some pleasure moans escaped my mouth as I pushed myself back onto his face. It felt so good, my eyes started rolling to the back of my head. I could tell he knew I was loving it. Between our moans and heavy breathing, you could hear the slush and cream dripping from my pussy. I had to bite down on my bottom lip to try and maintain some composure about myself. I was getting slutted out in the back of my car as people walked past, not knowing a damn thing. Thank God for tinted back windows.


Him: ‘Suck my dick’

Me: *Whispering in his ear*… ‘Say please’

Him: *Sniggering* ‘… please’

By this point, we were both clammy with sweat dripping off our skin. A good 20 minutes or so had passed with us fooling around in the very early hours of the warm summer morning. I moved from my seated position and went on all fours to get into the best ‘giving head’ position I could given the limited space. My dress was half way off, titties were bouncing out of my bra and my bare pussy was out. I took his rock hard dick in my mouth and did what I love. Sucking dick is one of my favourite things to do and I’m kinda good at it if I do say so myself. Having a man beg and plead as I pleasured him always turned me on. His hand moved towards my ass and pussy again to place a few fingers back inside them. I grinded and squeezed back onto them so he could feel how wet and creamy it was making me. At that point, I could only imagine what riding his dick would feel like since him being in my mouth felt so great. I wanted to explode.

Him: ‘Keep going… Keep going… Fuck, keep going’

His breath got shorter and more laboured. His left hand grabbed the back of the passenger seat as I sucked my cheeks around his dick even harder. I could feel him getting more worked up with every stroke of my hand and slurp of the top of his dick. His thighs trembled more intensely as my intention to make him cum in my mouth grew stronger. There’s no one way to please a man. Everyone is different. I quickly worked out his dick’s most sensitive spot was the head. He wanted me to focus on stimulating the tip as much as possible. I could feel him pulsating in my mouth which made me moan out and grip my other hand by his balls even tighter. His grunts and whimpers for me to keep going sounded like music to my ears…it made me feel sexy as fuck. Powerful. I took it out of my mouth and ran my tongue up and down his shaft, spit on it, and slapped it on my tongue a few times. You know… tease him a bit.

I had him where I wanted. I glanced up to see his chest go up and down and his eyes closed….within a few seconds, I felt the warm white fluid shoot up into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I made sure I kept sucking until I felt him go back to soft. Needed to make sure his soul fully left his body.


The car window had fogged up so much, we couldn’t even see outside. Our heavy breathing started to stabilise as I did up the buttons to my dress.

Me: ‘Lol every time I wear this dress, I’m going to remember you now’

Him: ‘We’re going to name your dress after me’ 

We laughed as we both finished getting ourselves together. The car became silent and he gestured for me to move closer to him. I buried myself into his chest and snuggled what felt like the perfect pillow. His arms wrapped around my shoulder to pull me closer so he could plant a few soft kisses on my forehead.

For the first time in a long time…I felt safe.

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