An Ode To Great Head

I have a love-hate relationship with oral sex to be very honest. I’ve always enjoyed giving a man head however these days I’m extra picky with the type of penis I let enter my mouth (as one should be). If your penis isn’t a nice length or decent thickness (to me), then it’s honestly a waste of my time. My enjoyment partly comes from opening my mouth as wide as I can and/or trying to get a dick to hit the back of my throat.

When it comes to receiving head…well this is where the main issue starts. Most guys actually aren’t as good as they think they are. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve laid there as a guy licked my kitty like a cat or trying to swallow it with their long throats. Unattractive and not appealing in the slightest. However in the last 8 months, my view towards getting eaten out has changed dramatically. I now have hope lol. I don’t know where these men were hiding before but I can only thank the universe for aligning me with such hurricane tongues (word to Lil Kim).

Recently, I’ve had really good head BUT BABYYYY! When I tell you I received the best head of my life the other day. Now let me call this guy Specs (simply because he wears glasses). Specs had been trying to get at me for a while but due to COVID etc, it just wasn’t possible…until now.

He told me to lay back as he made himself comfortable between my legs. After a quick session of leaving love bites on my body, he lifted my thighs onto his shoulders. Instantly his mouth felt like he was making love to my pussy. Purposeful, rhythmic and wet is how I would describe it.

Specs hands slowly started roaming up my body as his mouth maintained the suction on my clit. His hands reached my breasts… Squeezing, pinching and rubbing on my pierced hard nipples…the perfect balance between pain and pleasure. ‘Oh shit baby, this feels so fucking good‘. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I grabbed the back of his head and grinded my dripping wet pussy back on to his face. “Your pussy tastes so good”. My back arched and I continued to moan out as this man took my soul.

In that very moment, he had total control over my mind and body. Every time he stiffened his tongue and massaged it up and down my clit, I got even closer to leaking all over his face. He turned me over and told me to get on all fours, grabbed and parted my legs with dominant but sexy force…“I’m not done with this pussy yet”. Specs rubbed on my ass and stuck his tongue in my pussy while slowly rubbing his fingers on my drenched clit. I made sure I squeezed my hole around his tongue so he could feel what he was doing to me. Every now and again he would smack my ass and grip onto my cheeks tighter. He was in total control.

At that point I’d probably come about 3 times. My pussy was soaked and my juices were trickling down my thigh. After a few more minutes he stopped and sensed I was ready for the main course. “Are you going to be a good girl and take this big dick?”

I took that shit all night šŸ˜‰

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